Monday, December 17, 2007

My Completely Unpolitical/Non Religious Beef With Veggietales

OK, pretending the last few months didn't happen, let's give this blog thing one more shot before it fades into the darkness.

I just went to the movies and saw a preview for the new "Veggietales" Movie. Now I've never seen an episode, movie, or any type of Veggietales production for that matter. Based on my limited knowledge of this program, I think it's safe to assume it all revolves animated, talking vegetables. Fine, cool, whatever floats your boat.

So I'm watching this preview and I find out the 3 main characters are a Cucumber, Grape, and Gourd. Anyone else see the problem here?

Vegetable Identification check real fast.

1) Cucumber: Check.

2) Grape: Leave, you're clearly a fruit.

3) Gourd: Hold on, nobody really knows what you are. Seriously, I asked 3 friends (1 being a vegetarian) and brought in two different search engines and still don't have an accurate idea of where exactly gourd falls on the spectrum (wiki says fruit but you always need to second check wiki). I'm still not sure a gourd is even edible.

Regardless, how can you promote a show about 3 talking vegetables when only 1 is a clear cut veggie?

I've now officially renamed it Vegefruitambiguousfoodietales.